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Project Description
A framework for building complex Sliverlight 2.0 applications with simple or complex navigation between pages. Pages can be packaged in the application package (xap) or loaded dynamically from Silverlight libraries.

Silverlight 2.* makes it possible to create complex applications that are packaged in a .xap file that is deployed to a hosting web site. The more pages in the application the bigger the xap file and the longer a user has to wait while it downloads. To minimise initial download time you can seperate pages into Silverlight libraries and load them dynamically.

NavFx is a framework that supports the packaging of Silverlight pages in libraries, loading them dynamically and navigating between them. Based on these articles Optimizing Silverlight with Dynamic Modules, Basic Silverlight Navigation by Thomas Holloway NavFx provides the following features.
  • Dynamic loading of pages from a Silverlight Library
  • Navigation (GoToPage, Next, Previous, Back and Forward)
  • Navigation History (forwards and back)
  • Registration of pages
  • Cache management (Clear Cache, Remove Page)
  • Pinned pages

More information including How To articles can be found on My Blog

Updated binaries and templates released 18th May 2009

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